Is your deadline looming—but your draft not what you want it to be? Let me help you with a fast rewrite.

With fresh eyes and experienced hands, I can quickly give your project what you want it to have—more energy, sharper clarity, a lighter touch, more humanity, or something you’re not quite sure of yet.

You may be struggling with an executive one-pager or a detailed white paper, a conference presentation or a business proposal, a product launch or a new policy explanation.

My clients find that after a brief and confidential phone conversation and a few hours of rewriting, I can quickly move their project to a new level—a ready-to-go final version, a reenergized draft for stakeholder review, or a refreshed foundation to build upon.

Call or text me at 503-310-5963 to get unstuck—fast. You can also contact me at , or use the contact form to tell me more about your situation.